FL Per Diem

TravelMed USA & its affiliate company have been providing staffing solutions to an array of client healthcare facilities throughout the state of Florida for over 20 years. Simply put, we know our clients well and what they are looking for to secure the right clinical staff whether it’s on a per diem or long term basis. With offices located throughout the state, we are able to supply immediate need to our local clients that out of state staffing companies may not be able to attain. Our client relations are more on a local basis, which gives us the ability to achieve a higher level of customer service.

This close working relationship with our clients benefits TravelMed USA’s local/per diem contract staff because it gives them access to immediate real time staffing needs that are more exclusive to other outside agencies. Staffing needs are also coordinated more on a one on one basis, and employee schedules are more flexible.

As a local client with TravelMed USA we provide staffing solutions that include:

Local Per Diem

Jobs/Shifts are offered to you by contacting our local offices via phone or by email. We have recruiters available 24/7 to provide answers your questions, daily/weekly staffing requests, or block booking questions on a weekly or monthly basis. Our staffing coordinators will make note of all of your schedule preferences, vacation days, pay arrangement, and any other staffing requests that you would like us to accommodate.

Blocked Booking / Hometown Travel

Often times clients are looking for more local experienced healthcare worker to fill needs on a long term basis without the worry of the staffing company having to find housing, obtain a Florida license for the medical personnel, or relocate this person in efforts to fill a need that could simply be secured by a qualified nurse or allied health professional that lives right in their hometown. This is a major benefit to our local Per Diem & Contract Staff. Often times 2-13 week contract options are offered to our employee staff to alleviate facility staffing concerns having to find daily staffing on an ongoing basis.


We understand that your goal may be to secure either a full time or part time job instead of scheduling shifts on short term staffing basis with our office. We also take into account that for every healthcare professional, there’s a facility that is that perfect match and client vies versa. That is why we implemented our temp to perm employee program. This program is of high interest to many of our healthcare workers because it gives you the opportunity to “try out” the client location before committing full time to that organization. Temp-to-Perm programs are setup by requiring you to work a minimum number of hours within the facility client location selected. After this term is completed, you will have the option of signing on full time or part time with that client organization. Contract terms vary based on client requirements. Please call our office to find out more about this program.

Referral Bonus

We believe in our mission to support what you value and what your priorities are to create your ideal job opportunity. If we succeed in that, our recruiters would be much appreciative if you would refer our name to your co-workers and friends. The absolute best way to advertise is by word of mouth, and this is why your help means so much to us. We offer an unlimited amount of referral bonuses!! For every RN, PT, OT, SLP you refer and we place, you will receive $500. You do not have to be an employee of TravelMed USA to receive this! So even if you are currently not interested in a change in career but you know of someone that is, please refer them over to our office. *Note that all bonuses will be paid upon the referral personnel completing 520 hours worked and is prorated according to hours paid.

Email a Recruiter

TravelMed USA maintains one of the largest travel & permanent job search databases for Therapy, Nursing, and Allied Healthcare Professionals nationwide!