Travel Benefits

Travel Nursing & Allied Health Staffing is a unique business that has changed rapidly over the past decade. We can proudly say that we were one of the first travel healthcare staffing companies started back in 1995. With that longevity and experience you can be assured that our team will be prepared to cover any staffing need whether it is on a short or long term basis. Our offices screen our travelers in all facets including personal preferences, career goals, and clinical experience skills tests.

Pay Package

Each traveler pay package is tailored to give you as much money in your pocket each week while on assignment. Our recruiters will work with you if you have specific salary requests or requirements. The way we see it, if you’re happy we are too! Our seasoned recruiters will review all of the important information that you will need to know about traveler tax reimbursements, housing stipends, meals & incidental money, housing arrangements, which states offer higher compensation than others, and much more.

Travel Money

Depending on the location & length of your travel assignment, you’re entitled to receive 2 travel allowances which you will collect on your first and last paycheck. This will assist you in getting to your assignment and then to your next contract destination.

Extension Bonus

TravelMed USA offers a $500 bonus every time you extend at the same client facility. That’s an additional $2,500/yr if you stay at the same facility over that year. This is a great benefit for travelers who like to extend at times without having to change housing or work locations.

Loyalty Bonus

TravelMed USA offers a Loyalty bonus of $1,000 upon completion of (4) consecutive thirteen week full time assignments or 2080 hours.

Referral Bonus

We believe in our mission to support what you value and what your priorities are to create your ideal job opportunity. If we succeed in that, our recruiters would be much appreciative if you would refer our name to your co-workers and friends. The absolute best way to advertise is by word of mouth, and this is why your help means so much to us. We offer an unlimited amount of referral bonuses!! For every RN, PT, OT, SLP you refer and we place, you will receive $500. You do not have to be an employee of TravelMed USA to receive this! So even if you are currently not interested in a change in career but you know of someone that is, please refer them over to our office. *Note that all bonuses will be paid upon the referral personnel completing 520 hours worked and is prorated according to hours paid.

Medical & Life Insurance

TravelMed USA offers a comprehensive Medical Insurance plan through United Health Care. This is a nationwide PPO policy with co-pays and Dental & Vision add-on options. TravelMed USA also offers $50,000 in Group Term Life Insurance with AD&D for all employees. Please contact our office with questions regarding both policies.

Please see TravelMed USA FAQ Page for answers to frequently asked travel questions.

Email a Recruiter

TravelMed USA maintains one of the largest travel & permanent job search databases for Therapy, Nursing, and Allied Healthcare Professionals nationwide!